Unplugged Play: Grade School | Bobbi Conner

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216 Activities & Games for Ages 6-10

272 pages | Workman Publishing

Pull away from the screens and PLAY! These lively and easy games and activities (all kid-tested and kid-approved) just for ages 6-10 will foster kids' creativity, allow them to slow down the pace of daily life, and engage with their parents and peers without plugging in.

From Fortune-Teller to Draw Me a Story, Spillin' the Beans to Monkeyshines, here are more than 200 screen-free games and activities to help kids enjoy the wholesome, old-fashioned experience of playing creatively and freely... without technology. There are outdoor games and indoor games, games to play solo and games to play with others, guessing games, arts and crafts, musical fun, and party favorites--even instant activities to do at the kitchen table while dinner's cooking. All games are big kid-tested and approved!

A note to parents: 
Play matters! Technology has its place, but these unplugged games are designed to stretch the imagination, spark creativity, build strong bodies, and forge deeper connections with family and friends.