Since 2015, Bookspace has been a bookseller whose main aims are to spread awareness through the Columbus, Ohio area through self-education, self-empowerment, and community involvement. Bookspace has distributed quality books and zines via flea markets, poetry readings, and other events throughout Columbus. The ultimate goal is to occupy a full-sized shop of Bookspace's own, to distribute many more books, zines, and art, but also to host community-building events such as readings, shows, skill-sharing workshops, art exhibitions, and other educational events/performances.


For ten months in 2019 I ran a bookshop every Friday at ILLIO in Clintonville. It was a wonderful experiment and it gave me the chance to meet many new people and provide them with quality books. I miss running a physical shop, but I learned a ton, which I will carry with me into the future.

I started Bookspace because I wanted to get good books into people's hands and minds. Books are like anything else, in that some are more worthwhile than others. I am interested in those that give us a more clear understanding of ourselves, our world, and our place in it. Toward this end, I have tried to curate a selection of books that educate and motivate toward wholeness.

Bookspace has existed in many incarnations; I have always tried to tap into whatever was possible given the particular moment. It has been a stall at many, many flea markets around Columbus (and beyond). It was a tiny shop within a shared workspace in German Village for three months. It was a larger shop open weekly at a gallery space in Clintonville for almost a year. More recently, since the pandemic, it has been an online shop with an expanding selection of new books and zines.

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