Ohio: The Truth Behind Bob's Lanes | Sean Swain

Ohio: The Truth Behind Bob's Lanes | Sean Swain

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254 pages | LBC Books

This book, gives voice to one of the most outrageous, funny, and consistent voices in anarchy today, prisoner Sean Swain (may he be out by the time you read this).

Ohio is a combination of an explanation of how the current system doesn't make sense according to its own principles and mythology, a brief but illustrative history lesson, a memoir, and an exhortation to action, all in the light-yet-entirely-passionate-and-outraged tone of Swain, which will be recognizable to any who have listened to his regular segment on the radio show/podcast The Final Straw. And like all of his writings, it is jargon free and extremely straight forward.

He uses the state of Ohio as an example of how things are wrong, historically and today, with the practice and the mythos of the US, and of the state in general. It's both an interesting and fun book to read for anarchists, and could be an informative and thoughtful read for frustrated and dissatisfied non-anarchists.

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