A Landfill is an Ecosystem Unto Itself | Dylan Taylor-Lehman

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A Treatise on the Organisms That Call a Landfill Home

37 pages | self-published

Landfills can take up hundreds of acres of land. That much garbage in one place makes for a landscape unique in its composition. It is alien in its harshness, and yet landfills are teeming with life. Landfills, while ostensibly inhospitable, have become a biological niche, a biome based around humanity’s waste, and this zine-length article explores just how everything from microorganisms to apex predators have adapted, for better or worse, to these man-made habitats of trash. If you've ever been curious about the roiling guts of a landfill, this zine is for you! (The zine also contains a bonus article about how medical waste is disposed.)

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