Kropotkin Escapes | Peter Kropotkin

Kropotkin Escapes | Peter Kropotkin

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40 pages | Detritus Books

In 1876, after spending two years in a Russian prison, Peter Kropotkin made a daring escape to freedom, with the assistance of some friends and a horse named Barbarian. Kropotkin told the story of his flight from capture in his autobiography Memoirs of a Revolutionist. In 1987, World's End Press published a small edition of this tale, beautifully illustrated by Julian Watson. We have here a new edition of this inspiring story which includes Watson's illustrations, bound in textured felt cover stock, impressed with silver foil stamping.

We at Detritus Books spread this tale in hopes of inspiring others to break free from the cages, both external and internal, that would prevent us from living joyful lives without the fetters of authority and repression. Fire to the prisons!

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