How to Not Call the Po'Lice Ever | POOR Magazine

How to Not Call the Po'Lice Ever | POOR Magazine

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262 pages | POOR Magazine

In 21 years of collective love and struggle, the poor, unhoused, disabled, Black, Brown, Indigenous, elder and youth leaders, artists, and cultural workers of POOR Magazine/Prensa POBRE, PoorNewsNetwork (PNN)/Homefulness have never called the Po’Lice.

We face our demons ALL THE TIME, because we all come out of colonial trauma experiences of racism, white supremacy, ableism, family violence, false borders, eviction, houselessness, criminalization, elder/child abuse, sexual violence, rape, incarceration, Po’Lice violence, genderism, hate crimes, and so much more. At Homefulness, we go within to solve our community’s problems.

Based off POOR Magazine’s revolutionary workshops of the same name and collected here in writing for the first time, this handbook takes readers through the Herstory/His-STORY of Po’Lice Terror of our bodies, lives, children and elders in this stolen land, and then shares the model of the Elephant Council at Homefulness—a poor, Indigenous people/traumatized people’s accountability circle, which includes a redefinition of the silently violent, western white supremacist notion of “security,” and enables us to hold each other through trauma and institute a true definition of interdependent safety.

Thru participatory exercises, theatre, art, prayer, and poetry, Poverty Skolaz and Elephant Co-Leaders Lisa Tiny Gray-Garcia, Leroy Moore, Muteado Silencio, Aunti Frances Moore, and many more revolutionary poets, artists, and thinkers take us all through one way to make a collective shift away from the lie of state-sponsored murder and into the realness of what we can build ourselves.

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