Hermetica | Alan Lea

Hermetica | Alan Lea

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112 pages | Detritus Books

The debut novella from Alan Lea.

When Dase finds an old news article behind the wall panel of their module—an article from a different world—everything starts to unravel. Who's going to believe Dase, when everyone knows they're a little crazy? And who is even in charge of Hermetica? In a universe of total surveillance and parallel worlds, consensus reality isn't what you think.

Hermetica is a rare book, at once readable and thought-provoking. At once a useful metaphor and entertaining. It sits well among the classics of social science fiction but also says something new, tells a story I’ve never read before. Alan Lea is a writer to watch. To put it plainly, this book is really fucking good.” —Margaret Killjoy, author of The Lamb Will Slaughter the Lion

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