Girl Minus X | Anne Stone

Girl Minus X | Anne Stone

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240 pages | Buckrider Books

Fifteen-year-old Dany is trying to survive with her little sister, Mac, in a world collapsing under the weight of a slow, creeping virus that erodes memory. As their identities slip away from them, the late-stage infected are quarantined by the Ministry of Disease Control in prison-hospices, military camps where some of Dany's family have already been taken.

When a new and more virulent strain of the disease emerges and Dany begins to experience symptoms, the sisters are cast into crisis. As they try to escape the city together with Dany's best friend, Eva, and history teacher, Mr. Faraday, Dany comes to see the ways in which her own fear has carried her trauma with her. As her past erodes, Dany's present flickers into full fluorescence.

Elegant and thoughtful, Girl Minus X is a novel in which a young girl navigates her trauma in a world that can't help but forget.