Everybody's Welcome | Patricia Hegarty & Greg Abbott

Everybody's Welcome | Patricia Hegarty & Greg Abbott

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32 pages | Doubleday | Hardcover

Fans of the New York Times bestseller All Are Welcome will love this timely tale about kindess, empathy, and charity, with clever peek-through holes that beckon young readers inside.

Poor Frog's pond has dried up and he has nowhere to live. Luckily, he meets friendly Mouse, who is building a new house. Everybody's welcome, no matter who they are, explains Mouse. Wherever they may come from, whether near or far. As Frog and Mouse work together, they meet more animals without a place to live. Soon, they all join in to build a big, beautiful home where everyone is welcome, safe, and warm.

In this sweet forest setting, children will learn how important it is to extend a generous hand to those in need, whether neighbors in crisis, a friend with a problem, or a family immigrating to a new country. It's a much-needed and comforting story that will inspire useful conversations about the world today.