Real American History Combo Pack

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1491 by Charles C. Mann


A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn

Charles Mann’s 1491 brings together science, history, and archaeology to paint a picture of the pre-Columbian Western Hemisphere. Tropes about Indians living only sparsely populated, nomadic existences are debunked as Mann goes deep into some astonishing discoveries of Indians living in huge cities with advanced agriculture, running water, etc. This book will completely transform your concept of what the peopled Americas were like before Columbus.

Zinn’s classic tome begins with Columbus’s journals and proceeds with the story of the Unites States from there, from the perspective of the average working citizen—one that most of us unfortunately never had access to in history class. I love his depth of coverage of the rise of the industrial revolution and the ensuing labor struggles and uprisings—a huge piece of American history I was previously unaware of. Both books are completely essential in understanding our history as Americans.

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