Adventures Across the Kafkasphere | Dylan Taylor-Lehman

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A Disquisition on Modern Kafkology

44 pages | self-published

Franz Kafka is one of the most enigmatic writers of the twentieth century, and this zine takes a look at the lives of four modern Kafkalogists who have done extraordinary things in their studies of the author: one woman has traveled to dark corners of Europe, for example, in her search for a lost cache of Kafka's papers confiscated by the Gestapo, while a British novelist infuriated the old guard with his discovery of Kafka's porn. The zine tells these wild stories in detail, and you don't have to be a Kafka scholar to appreciate the magnitude of this obsession. The zine also contains a bit about Kafka's life and times to give context to the studies of this often misunderstood and truly interesting person.

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