The Anarchist Review of Books | Issue #6, Summer/Fall 2023

The Anarchist Review of Books | Issue #6, Summer/Fall 2023

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24 pages | ARB

The Anarchist Review of Books publishes intelligent, non-academic writing with an anti-authoritarian perspective. We are dedicated to transforming society through literature and through open, incisive critique of the media, politics, history, art and writing that shape our world. 

This issue brings you dispatches from artists and activists fighting in Exarchia, Ella Barnes writes about the fiftieth anniversary of Revolutionary Letters, Yasmin Nair illuminates on class and organizing in Chicago, Payton Alexandre reminds us that our tactics are effective—even cops use them, and Andreas Petrossiants looks at the enduring power of the Young Lords. We also have fiction by Nate Lippens poetry by Claire Wahmanholm, critical analysis by Carrie Laben, transformative and transgressive art by Joey Terrill, Chitra Ganseh, Scott Treleaven and Erin M. Riley.

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