Plant Anarchy | Sascha Engel

Plant Anarchy | Sascha Engel

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207 pages | Little Black Cart Books | March 2023

A more thorough, fleshed-out, and historically-referenced treatment of the ideas introduced in Breaking the Alphabet. Here Sascha Engel does a full-throated explanation and exploration of how writing is generally a participation in our own encapsulation, and how we can change that. Playful, serious, researched, provocative.

Merely conjuring the healed world always carries the risk of quietism and mystical authoritarianism. Steering clear of these requires implementing the logic of continuous unfolding against the will to reification... The plants can lead the way, as their world remains unfixed, indeterminable, undifferentiated: they still live in the world of continuous unfolding. The will to reification rages everywhere against them with all its might, yet they still resist.

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