Midwest Shreds: Skating Through America's Heartland | Mandy Shunnarah

Midwest Shreds: Skating Through America's Heartland | Mandy Shunnarah

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182 pages | Belt Publishing | 7.16.24

A guided tour of one of the Midwest's most vibrant subcultures, one DIY ramp at a time.

The American Midwest may not have a reputation as the nation's skating mecca, but maybe it should. In Midwest Shreds, Mandy Shunnarah travels around the region for a deep dive into its skating culture, detailing the activity's long, storied history there and the large and diverse skating community that calls the Midwest home today. Here, you'll learn how skating has become a form of mutual aid in Iowa, follow hard-core street skaters as they vie to become King of Cleveland, experience the transcendence of skating in a converted St. Louis cathedral, meet the anarchists who've built their own skate paradise, cinder block by cinder block, in southern Ohio, and encounter skaters from Des Moines, Madison, Chicago, West Lafayette, Detroit, and other corners of the Midwest.

With writing that revels in the crunching scrape of hard wheels, the joy of nailing a trick for the first time, and the grit required to fall and get back up again, Midwest Shreds illuminates a small corner of Midwest life and offers a portrait of the rich cultural history and diversity that makes the region what it is today.

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