Kindred | Octavia Butler

Kindred | Octavia Butler

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320 pages | Beacon Press | 5.21.24

“As you turn the pages of this novel and get lost in Dana’s story, allow yourself to relive the horrors of slavery....Allow yourself to know the pain of our nation’s past.”—Tomi Adeyemi, New York Times bestseller and Hugo and Nebula award-winning author, from the new foreword

This brand new package for young adults includes a redesigned interior for better readability, specially commissioned cover art by Carlos Fama, metallic stock cover, and spot gloss on cover elements
“I lost an arm on my last trip home. My left arm. And I lost about a year of my life and much of the comfort and security I had not valued until it was gone.” So begins the prologue of Octavia Butler's best-selling neo-slavery novel set against the backdrop of 1976 California and early 1800s Maryland.

Twenty-six-year-old Dana vanishes from her home and is transported to the antebellum South, summoned to the past to protect Rufus, the son in a slave-owning plantation family. Dana must ensure his safety so that he may live into young adulthood, but it isn’t until after Dana endures multiple trips that she learns the truth of their relationship and how her very existence in her own time is dependent on helping Rufus survive in his. These perilous trips force Dana as a modern-day Black woman to experience the savagery of her own slavery in the 1800s and also pull her further away from her autonomy and her return to the present.

Kindred was adapted and developed by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins as a limited FX original series on Hulu. This young adult edition includes a new foreword by Tomi Adeyemi, the New York Times bestseller and Hugo and Nebula award-winning author of fantasy titles including Children of Blood and Bone.

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