Jesusdevil: The Parables | Alexis de Veaux

Jesusdevil: The Parables | Alexis de Veaux

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140 pages | AK Press | 6.13.23

A brilliantly crafted voyage of queer, black possibility.

Evocative and experimental, JesusDevil is a nonlinear tale of black life and spiritual expression. Writing in a style she calls "afiction," Alexis De Veaux expands and moves beyond traditional narrative, following the adventures of Fhill, a black, queer spirit who has taken human form. Neither male nor female, Fhill moves fluidly and disruptively across concepts of identity, passing through the nine "parables" that comprise this text. Examining aspects of what it means to be black and human--from a nonhuman perspective--Fhill's liminal nature redefines social and literary categories, exploring social constructions of blackness as well as themes of desire, memory, sex, revenge, and more. A daring new work and crowning achievement from a veteran storyteller.

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