el duelo, de lejos | kevin bilapka arbeláez

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15 minutes, 34 seconds | self-released | cassette tape

From kevin:

This is a cassette—absolutely haunted—that was conceived of and created in the wake of my tio's death, of which I learned about two days after his funeral had already been held. It is about losing a loved one while being physically separated from any who might truly understand.

I am the only person in my family who lives in the U.S.

Given how often the Latine immigrant population is forced to experience grief in this manner, 100% of proceeds from this tape will go to a rotation of local organizations and charities that serve the Latine immigrant population of Columbus, Ohio.

Currently, proceeds are bing donated to the Our Lady of Guadalupe Center, located on the west side at 409 Industry Dr. The Center operates a food pantry stocked with popular Latin-American items, has Spanish-speaking staff, provides legal support to Latine individuals facing deportation, and offers case management, among other services. This organization is a part of Catholic Social Services, but donations will be sent directly to the Our Lady of Guadalupe Center, whose mission is focused on supporting the Latine immigrant community of Columbus.

Con amor,
kevin bilapka arbeláez

Visit kevin's Bandcamp: https://kebarbz.bandcamp.com/releases

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