French Door to Foyer | Signe Damron

French Door to Foyer | Signe Damron

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Illustrated by Cassidy Rae Marietta

78 pages | Signe-ture Publishing

French Door to Foyer is an exploration of young adulthood using poetry, which takes readers on Damron’s personal journey through the months before and several years following a sexual assault, and her hard-won battle towards fearlessness and peace.

"The most significant thing about Signe Damron's writing is that she isn't interested in writing about how things are as much as she is interested about how things feel. Keen on how words and emotions are spoken, how they feel coming out of our minds and mouths. She is interested in how words feel against our eyes when we read them. Not quite prose, not quite poetry, but something of a mix between the two that is hard to define at first reading, because it always seems to be moving and shifting, but attempting trying to find places where they are most effective." —Marcus P. Blackwell, Visual Artist

"Highly recommend. French Door to Foyer is a short book that is packed with feelings, visuals, and leaves its reader feeling satiated. It is put together in three parts, and each manages to be the same perspective, but outward, inward, and forward. Each poem demands it be devoured with deliberation, like an exotic and unexpected morsel."  —Sarah Stepp

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